Our Values

Next on 14 Apr 2024
New Trail: Karm El-Moher, Izal to T...

This trail is newly added to LMT as we will start our hike between Imar and Karm El Moher passing by a beautiful pine forest. We will continue to Izal village, as we hike through a passage in the wood...[read more]

After Next on 21 Apr 2024
Jerd El-Njas to High Mountains, Don...

This trail is considered to be moderate 4/10 for hikers and feels 5/10 for beginners. The trail's uphill and downhills are easy in addition to finalizing the hike at the entrance of "The High Mountain...[read more]

Event is on 28 Apr 2024
Official Ghazir Trail Opening

This trail will be newly added to LMT trails as we start hiking with lots of well-known people related to sports, tourism & nature who will be participating in the opening of Ghazir trail. In addit...[read more]

The Passion of hiking – The great work we do to modify a trail for every event is a result of making our hiking day so special. Passion for the trail experience continues to spread, inspiring the remarkable contributions from our volunteers, our registered members, and the rest of the WeAreHikers community.

Collaboration – Our team work in positive and cooperative as one to make the most of resources available to everyone. We are committed to mutual trust and respect between each other and our whole community, and we strive to resolve differences when they may emerge with respect and civility.

Integrity – We understand that our success and reputation depends on our integrity as a community, and therefore will endeavor to use consistent, reliable decision-making to guide our efforts. We apply common sense and good judgment to our work, and recognize our essential responsibility to use contributions and resources to best support the needs of every event accordingly.