New Trail: Karm El-Moher, Izal to Tahleen

New Trail: Karm El-Moher, Izal to Tahleen

New Trail: Karm El-Moher, Izal to Tahleen

(This includes: Pullman Transportation, Professional Guides, First-Aid Kit, Free Parking and Professional Photographer)

(STOPS: FINAL Stop at 12km length)

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(Breakfast will be on our way Wooden Bakery/Moulin D'or)
(Lunch will be in a nice location in the nature before we finish our hiking trail)

(Not smoking is respected and highly appreciated)

This trail is newly added to LMT as we will start our hike between Imar and Karm El Moher passing by a beautiful pine forest. We will continue to Izal village, as we hike through a passage in the woods crossing oak trees, marvelous scenery. The trail continues to Tahleen where we will visit St Joseph church before we finalize our hike in Karm El Moher.

The name "Karm El Moher" goes back most probably to marriage endowment (Mohr مهر = endowment) and its vineyards (Karm كرم = vineyard), which were considered the bride's endowment, which resulted in its name "Karm El Mohr". Another possibility goes to the fact that a guy from the Mohr family used to own most of the vineyards in the village.

To reserve, please send us a WhatsApp or Call us on 03582084

Our hiking information:
- Distance: 12km
- Hiking level Medium (5/10)
- Cumulative ascent: +350m
- Cumulative descent: -350m
- Altitude: max 1100m min 800m
- Time for hiking between 4:30 to 5:00 hours slow steps
- We will have approximately 15 short breaks of around 2 mins each before we reach the end.

Best stuff to bring with you for hiking are the following:
- Backpack
- ID Card or Passport
- Self Insurance Card (if you have one)
- Extra sweatshirt and a thin jacket
- Hiking shoes
- Hiking stick (optional)
- 2 liters of water
- Dried fruits or chocolate power bars for hiking that keep you warm and give you power to hike.

P.S. By attending this event you agree that WeAreHikers Team is not responsible for any incident that takes place during the event.

(we should return back to Dora at 7:30pm max if nothing un-expected happened)