Christmas Tour in Zahle

Christmas Tour in Zahle

Christmas Tour in Zahle

- Event costs 45$ per person (25$ per 11 or younger).
- A group of 5 or more get (40$ per person)

(this includes: Pullman Transportation, Tour in Taanayel's farm, KSARA Tour and Wine Tasting, Open Lunch at TITANIC in Zahle, and Professional Photographer)

For more info, call Theo 03.582084
Or email:

(eating/drinking except water is not allowed in the Pullman)

As "We Are Hikers" last event in 2023, we wanted to make all hikers to join us to have a touristic tour in Zahle city, have fun, have wine tasting, make a tour in the city and finalize our day by an open Lebanese lunch at Titanic restaurant.

First our stop will be for breakfast at Taanayel, where we will all have coffee and fresh sandwiches made by Taanayel dairy products. After breakfast we will spend around 1 hour at the Taanayel farm where we can enjoy the nature and plenty of friendly animals mostly in the lake. Spending time at Taanayel Farm will be one of the most amazing memories saved.

Our second step will be KSARA Winery to watch a quick movie regarding the history of KSARA then we will head towards a 15 minutes tour in the KSARA Caves. Once the tour is over, we will head to do some wine tasting before we pass by their shop in case any of us want to buy anything before we leave.

After KSARA we will make a quick tour towards Zahle city and catch the Christmas feeling before we head to have our open lunch at the TITANIC restaurant.

For more information contact us via Facebook or phone 03.582084 or email