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Next on 23 Jun 2024
Kfarhelda, Batroun

Our trail is moderate easy 14 km total but mostly slight downhills. We start at Kfarhelda waterfall where we take a group photo before we start our hike towards Osmaya village. Our trail will be full ...[read more]


Douma to Baatara Gorge Tannour...

Back in 09 Jun 2024

Our trail starts from Douma village right above the village area then we head towards Baatara gorge where we will have a 30 minutes lunch break in addition to taking amazing photos of the gorge. In ou...[more]


Jisr El-Kadi, Kfarmatta

Back in 19 May 2024

Our trail is considered to be a loop where we start between borders of Aley district and Al-Chouf district a well-known area called Jisr el Kadi. The trail is full of historical places where whoever i...[more]


Biggest Ozor Forest in Akkar

Back in 12 May 2024

This trail is considered to be moderate 4/10 for hikers and feels 5/10 for beginners as the trail's uphill and downhills are slight and easy which makes the hikers have more time of enjoyment of the a...[more]


Official Ghazir Trail Opening

Back in 28 Apr 2024

This trail will be newly added to LMT trails as we start hiking with lots of well-known people related to sports, tourism & nature who will be participating in the opening of Ghazir trail. In addit...[more]


Jerd El-Njas to High Mountains...

Back in 21 Apr 2024

This trail is considered to be moderate 4/10 for hikers and feels 5/10 for beginners. The trail's uphill and downhills are easy in addition to finalizing the loop hike at the entrance of "The High Mou...[more]


Hiking & Touring in Baysour, A...

Back in 07 Apr 2024

Bayssour, (بيصور) is a village located in the Aley District of Mount Lebanon. It is 850 metres above sea level and shares a border with Aley, Kaifoun, Kabr Shmoon, Majdlaya, and Ainab. Our trail...[more]

About WeAreHikers

About us

here you can see everything about We Are Hikers team.

"WeAreHikers" was created from our passion for hiking and spending our time in the outdoors of Lebanon. Our professional tourism office is based in Dora, Lebanon and we offer the best hiking packages encouraging diversity and inclusiveness of teamwork weekly throughout the year publicly and privately.

We are pure "hikers" regarding our events purpose; but we add anything related to it throughout all types of seasons such as snowshoeing, climbing, flying fox, fruit picking, visiting touristic locations and other stuff, accompanied by professional "First-Aiding" when needed in addition enhancing everyone's mindset to work as a team-work. Our plan for the whole year around is the following:

  • Hiking Modern for all ages, sometimes pets accepted.

  • Hiking Easy and Visiting Touristic Places.

  • Tough Hiking for sports lovers

  • Snow Shoeing in the Winter

  • Visiting Amazing Villages in Lebanon

We Are Hikers

We climb the mountains not for the world to see us,
but for us to see the world from up above.

Founder of We Are Hikers, Theodor Abi Mansour
Theodor Abi-Mansour


Theodore believes that teamwork is the key competence of the 21st century, and hiking is the engine of collaborative effort in order to achieve their goal. In the end, our goal is not about how many miles we walk, rather than how many smiles we shared.

Issam Al-Sbeihi

The Yogi

Issam is a yogi who practices yoga and meditation a lot wherever he is. He can help anyone by teaching them the basic rules of yoga meditation which helps them reduce the areas of anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and more.

The first aid saviour Marwan Khayat
Marwan Khayat

First-Aid Saviour

Marwan Khayat is an extreme hiker and a Free climbing expert. Marwan is a nature lover and most of all he is one of the hiking field coordinators and First-Aid and CPR rescuer coming from St. John Hospital in Toronto.

Scarlett Abi-Mansour

Nature Lover

Scarlett is an enthusiastic nature lover. She helps during the hiking event and takes care of anyone in need. She makes sure that all the hikers are enjoying their day. After all, every walk in nature one receives far more than he seeks.

What's Our Mission

Our journey of a thousand kilometers starts with a single step. One decade has passed already and the first chapter has been printed by our feet in Lebanon, Armenia and Georgia. Our first page of our second chapter has just started, and we are ready to continue stamping our feet in the world. Join us and let's write history together.

Healthy Time

Spending quality time in the outdoors reduces stress, calms anxiety, and can lead to a lower risk of depression, according to a study done by researchers at Stanford University.

Team Building

Outdoor sports and activities that improve communication skills, confidence building, team bonding and improving collaboration.

Support ECO Hiking

We apply all ECO friendly rules during our events; no smoking or anything that might cause fire, we do not litter; instead we try to clean any rubbish in the area we pass through.

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